Does Your Diamond Have A History

What do engagement rings, weddings rings and women have in common? They love diamonds. Diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings are the most popular kind of rings that are sold. Whether they are gold, silver or platinum engagement rings, it doesn’t matter as long as the ring is a diamond ring. The trend of giving rings for engagement that have diamonds began in the US somewhere during the Great Depression. When the laws regarding the breach of an engagement were changed, these expensive rings were considered as insurance for the woman if the man didn’t go through with the wedding. The demand for diamonds really picked up after World War II with De Beers’ campaign “A Diamond is Forever”. They created a market strategy that portrayed diamonds as a symbol of fidelity and love, making them sentimental and rare, while their real goal was controlling supply and demand Diamond Rings.

Are diamonds worth the price?
Before going out to buy a diamond engagement ring and spending a fortune, think about it. Regard this ring as an investment as much as you regard it as a declaration of love. We all think that diamonds are rare; so because they are so rare, but so beautiful, they should be very, very expensive. However, there are some that think that the De Beers Company manipulated the world’s population in thinking exactly this. This company had a monopoly on diamonds in the United States. It had no competition and it still holds the biggest supply of diamonds in its vaults. If those supplies are released into the open market, they will prove their abundance, thus decreasing their value. This company used to buy and close down any diamond mind they could find, and were literally hiding diamonds so that they appear scarce. Another thing to consider is the resell value of the ring you will buy; because once you buy it its value will drop to only a fraction of what you paid for it, if you can find a buyer that is Diamond Ring.

Conflict diamonds
Africa has the biggest number of diamond mines in the entire world. Unfortunately, since the discovery of these mines, the countries where they are found are constantly in the middle of civil wars, mainly due to the control of the diamond mines. Rebel groups use these diamonds to initiate conflicts and wars, and finance their activities by using terrorists groups. That is why they are called conflict diamonds, or blood diamonds. Their value is tainted by the blood spilled for their control. Many people refuse to buy diamond rings if they are unsure of their origin, not wanting to support these groups by buying their conflict diamonds Diamond Engagement Rings.

The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS)
The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) is an agreement that has been established in 2003, which has the goal to prevent controversy diamonds from getting into the mainstream market for rough diamonds. This process does not appear to be very effective and is very hard to enforce, since it is based on a self-policing system. However, certain African countries are on the list of banned diamond traders, and because of the public knowledge of this, many companies have been forced to refrain from buying their rough diamonds from such countries Diamond Engagement Ring.